G500: Ultimate Testing

The Gulfstream G500 successfully passed another crucial test needed for the aircraft’s certification.


Major structural components, such as the fuselage and wing, are tested to confirm that they can withstand the maximum forces they could see in service. These forces are referred to as the design limit loads. All aircraft are tested to 100 percent of the design limit load and, for added safety, to 150 percent of the design limit load, which is known as the ultimate load.

One of the many ultimate load tests performed is the Wing Up Bending Test, which was performed on S72 in December. Watch the video to see the extreme stress the G500 wing proved capable of enduring. Several other ultimate load tests will be completed on the aircraft.

The G500 is expected to receive type certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency in 2017. Entry into service is planned for 2018.