HIRF and Lightning Testing

Progress continues for the Gulfstream G500 flight-test program.

The G500 recently completed another series of tests to include high intensity radiated field (HIRF) and indirect effects of lightning (IEL) testing. The tests are required for type certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is expected in 2017.

HIRF testing assessed the aircraft’s protection to interference caused by external radio frequency (RF) signals. Testing involved placing antennas around the airframe and then transmitting RF signals ranging from 1 MHz to 18 GHz. Measurements were taken on various cable bundles and aircraft zones to characterize the aircraft’s internal HIRF environment.

IEL testing evaluated the aircraft’s protection mechanisms to the indirect effects of a lightning strike. Currents of up to 1000 amps were applied to the airframe and measurements taken on various cable bundles and connector pins to determine the aircraft’s actual transient levels.

The data collected from the aircraft HIRF and IEL testing will be used to ensure the aircraft’s systems were bench tested to the appropriate test levels, as required by FAA guidance and regulation.

Testing was primarily conducted at Gulfstream’s headquarters in Savannah, Georgia.