G600 Making Progress Toward First Flight

The first Gulfstream G600 test aircraft is steadily making its way to first flight. The aircraft has been delivered to the Flight Test Center in Savannah for instrumentation and has completed ground vibration testing.

Meanwhile, the second test aircraft has also made its way to the center, and three additional test aircraft, including one that will be outfitted with a full interior, are in various stages of production, ranging from fuselage joining to systems testing. Limit load testing of the fuselage and wing are complete.

Thanks to Gulfstream’s state-of-the-art lab facilities, more than 55,000 hours of ground testing conducted to date for the G600 and its sister ship, the G500, have helped Gulfstream make great strides in the flight-test program before the aircraft even leave the ground. Common technology developed for the G500 and G600, including the Symmetry Flight DeckTM, is also allowing the G600 flight-test program to capitalize on the work being accomplished during current G500 flight testing.

“We’ve accomplished several milestones,” says Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “All of the lab testing we’ve done has met our expectations and helped prepare us for a successful flight-test program. We’re looking forward to seeing the G600 in the skies over Savannah soon.”