Determining the Decibels

From Savannah to Sylvania, the G500 Conducts Flyover Noise Testing.

A Gulfstream team recently ventured to Plantation Airpark (KJYL) in Sylvania, Georgia, to conduct flyover noise testing as part of the Gulfstream G500’s certification.

On the ground in Sylvania, the Acoustics and Flight Test departments set up an array of microphones and a weather station that would be used to help demonstrate that the G500 complies with established aircraft noise certification levels.

T3, the third flight test aircraft, then flew from Savannah to Sylvania and performed a variety of simulated takeoffs and approaches as low as 400 feet (122 meters) over the airfield.  T3 never landed at Sylvania; it conducted 26 overhead passes in two sorties and then returned to Savannah.  A ground team collected data and directed the testing.