T1 Completes Flutter Testing

T1, the first Gulfstream G500 test aircraft, recently completed flutter testing, another milestone in the aircraft’s flight-test program.

Over the course of more than 50 flights, T1 has completed flutter testing for the G500 flight-test program. The goal of flutter testing is to ensure that the structure of the aircraft reacts the way it is designed to react in atmospheric conditions.

“The G500 has accomplished a great deal since we launched the flight-test program in May 2015,” said Dan Nale, senior vice president, Programs, Engineering and Test, Gulfstream. “With three aircraft in flight, the program has surpassed 430 flight-test hours over more than 105 flights. This latest accomplishment, as well as the outstanding performance and reliability of all three flight-test aircraft, highlights the tremendous progress being made. The flight-test team has started the new year off with great success.”

In addition to flutter testing, T1 is also testing envelope expansion, the air data system, aero performance, brakes and field performance, handling qualities and flight controls. Since T1 took its first flight, the aircraft has surpassed 320 flight hours and has reached a maximum speed of Mach 0.999 and a maximum altitude of 53,000 feet/16,154 meters. T1’s longest flight to date lasted more than five hours.