P1 Moves to Completions

The fifth Gulfstream G500 flight-test aircraft, P1, was recently delivered to the Savannah Completions Center.

P1 is now in the process of receiving a fully outfitted interior that will be used to test the cabin elements as well as the integration of aircraft systems with the passenger experience. A minimum of 200 flight hours will be dedicated to testing the interior.

“We want to mimic the customer experience,” says Melissa Grant, director, Completion Operations, Gulfstream. “By having a flight test aircraft devoted to cabin experience testing, our technicians and engineers will fly on the aircraft to determine what works well and what we can improve. The testing will allow us the opportunity to deliver a cabin environment that will exceed expectations because we can troubleshoot issues before customer deliveries begin”. 

P1 will fly the same type missions that customers typically fly, including quick trips, long-range missions and overnight flights. Flight attendants will also serve full meals in order to utilize the galley and gain a better understanding of how the aircraft operates in flight.