G500: A Wing for Speed, a Cabin with Comfort

The joining of a Gulfstream G500 wing to its fuselage melds high-speed, long-range performance with a spacious, comfortable cabin.


The G500 wing is angled at the same degree of sweep as the Gulfstream G650’s, helping give the G500 the ability to reach the same maximum Mach speed of 0.925. The long, clean wing also improves lift, which helps the G500 achieve a range of 5,000 nautical miles/9,260 kilometers.

Along the fuselage, the G500 has 14 large panoramic windows. A bright, well-lit interior is the first of several Gulfstream signature comforts, including 100 percent fresh air and an ultraquiet, low-altitude cabin.

Customers will soon be able to experience these attributes; the G500 is scheduled to enter service the fourth quarter of this year, earlier than planned.