First Production Aircraft Joins Gulfstream G600 Flight-Test Program

The first production Gulfstream G600 recently made its debut in the skies over Savannah. The fifth and final aircraft in the flight-test program, this G600 serves as the cabin testbed. According to Gulfstream President Mark Burns, it will ensure Gulfstream delivers “the most functional, comfortable and reliable cabin environment for our customers.”

During its 2-hour, 55-minute flight, the G600 reached an elevation of 51,000 feet/15,545 meters and a speed of Mach 0.85.

The fully outfitted G600’s cabin systems will be operated repeatedly to evaluate comfort, layout, noise, ergonomics, functionality, passenger interaction and appliance reliability.

Through the end of August, the concurrent Gulfstream G500 and G600 programs have logged 1,100 flights and more than 4,270 flight hours. The programs have a combined 10 aircraft in flight test, including two production aircraft–one for each aircraft model.

“That’s a remarkable achievement for business aviation and a first for the company,” Burns said.

Gulfstream anticipates receiving type certification and delivering G600 aircraft to customers in 2018.