First G500 Production Test Aircraft Takes Flight

A Gulfstream G500 dedicated to creating an exceptional cabin experience has completed its first flight.

The G500 departed from Savannah-Hilton/Head International Airport with a three-man crew and cruised for more than four hours at Mach 0.84, well below its maximum Mach of 0.925
This is the fifth test aircraft produced, and it will be used to evaluate every aspect of the passenger experience, including overall comfort, cabin and galley layout, ergonomic ease, functionality and the passenger interface with cabin electronics. Repetitive operations of all systems during many phases of flight and mission types will be conducted and evaluated.

“The many hours of interior testing this aircraft will undergo, from galley and lavatory use to comfort and cabin health during long flights, help us hone every aspect of flying the G500,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream.

The G500 will feature an industry-leading low cabin altitude and 100 percent fresh air that boost mental awareness and reduce fatigue. Another environmental advantage: The G500’s panoramic oval windows are the same size as those on the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER, which allows for abundant natural light.

Delivery of the first G500 is scheduled for 2018.